Extra Credit for Internet Business Models

I learned quite a bit from the video “Web Start-Ups Pitching Their Companies. It seems to me that presentation is one of the major walls dividing success and failure. If your audience is bored they aren’t going to respond to what you have to say. People lose interest easily. You can have the best idea in the world, but people can’t hear you when they are asleep.

I also learned, that you need to have thought of every detail when you are presenting an idea. Know your shit! That isn’t really based on any flaws from the presenters, it’s actually the opposite. Everybody seems to know their plan inside and out. I had a chance to see how much detail is necessary to get your point across and sell your idea.

Too much detail can be a bad thing. A confusing product is going to drive an audience away. The first presenter knew his plan inside and out, but he threw out one detail after another until it was no longer clear what it was that he was describing. The judges actually looked aggravated after having sat through his ramblings.

The best way to keep your audience on your side is to keep them entertained. There are plenty of ways to educate your audience without them hating you for it. For instance avoiding clutter and making your point quickly will go a long way towards earning your audiences attention.

The most important thing I took away from this video was that there are still good ideas out there. I have been worrying about whether or not I will succeed in the marketing field. There have already been so many successful businesses, and I was worried that any thing I do will be just another version of someone else’s idea. To see those people get up there and present original idea’s. Mostly.

There are a great many things I need to learn heading into this career choice, but with each class I am becoming more confident that I will succeed.



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